Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Assembly of the Group

My original idea for a board game is called Temple Escape! In this game, each of the players takes on the role of an explorer trying to find a priceless idol that's hidden at the center of a vast jungle temple. To get there they must draw "Tool Cards" to disable the traps that lie in wait for would-be thieves.

My original idea was to have the idol in the center of the board. While the group approves of this idea, they helped me to figure out a better way of organizing the paths that the players must travel to get to the center. Patrick also suggested that there be one path leading out of the "temple," which would prevent any one player from gaining too much of an advantage by getting farther ahead than the other players. This also gives the other "explorers" to steal the idol back!

Further details about the particulars of the game mechanics will be worked out soon! I'm very excited to get to work!