Monday, April 15, 2013

Board Planning

This week, our group focused on planning out how the board will be for Temple Escape. Since the idol in the middle requires a certain amount of rubies, each player must plan his or her path in order to get at least that many rubies before reaching the treasure room. We decided to make zones or checkpoints that each player must pass through on his or her way to the treasure room. At these checkpoints, you will earn your rubies. The amount of rubies you earn depends on the path you took. A certain path may be shorter, but it will have more difficult traps. A longer path would have easier traps to overcome. The shorter path would earn you more rubies at the checkpoint zone because it would take longer and more effort to get through. We also changed one of the core mechanics of our game. Previously, we had it so that a player can move a single space and receive nothing, or he could stay in his spot, and draw a resource. We changed that mechanic so that moving a space automatically allows you to draw a single resource. A player can choose to stay in his or her spot and draw two resources instead of one.
Our group plans to meet before the next class to draw out our board. We were considering having the traps as physical cards so they can be interchangeable on the board, but that would make the game more complex. We also plan to add rubies to the deck of action cards, so that way there is another method of receiving rubies other than just getting past traps. We are still thinking of a way to increase player to player interaction. So far, we have it that each player does his or her own thing because each player is moving on a separate path. We want to create only a single escape path, so that all the players could meet on the way out of the temple. They would all have to fight to get to the exit first; only one could escape, the temple collapses on the rest.  

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