Wednesday, April 24, 2013


This week, our group made a lot of progress by finalizing the rules of the game as well as physically creating a functioning playable demo. We've had a lot of debate in attempting to determine the options that players have on their turn, but eventually came to the conclusion that players will either have the choice to move a space forward or draw two resource cards from the resource deck. We also came to the conclusion that traps would reset behind a player once they pass through them. This would allow players to back track through a path that they already cleared in order to obtain more rubies. Other players would also be able to enter other sides of the board while not being starved for traps to disarm.

Our group meet up on Monday to physically put the game together and create a functioning playing board and printed out the trap, resource, action and ruby cards. We completely reorganized the way the playing board looked and functioned as well. We decided that there would be only three spaces between each trap, except between the player start and the first trap. This is because each player will be starting out with three resource cards, and because a resource card is drawn by the player on every turn, they will have five cards and will hopefully successfully surpass the first trap. We also established a maximum card limit for a players had as six resource cards which does not include action cards. There is also no longer a trading post space, but rather a public bank in which players can choose to swap cards in and out on their turn. This bank will contain three randomly drawn cards and a player can only draw one of these cards in by trading three of the same card (for example: on his or her turn, the player may trade three "Nail" resource cards for a "Hammer" card which is in the bank).

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