Sunday, April 7, 2013


Today we had a lot of success in our group. In the short amount time we accomplished pretty much all the game mechanics. We have an idea for the board piece and which cards will be used for the game. The game will start off with each playing being dealt four placement cards and this will determine where each player will start on the map. From here a player has the choice of either choosing resource cards or moving one space. The objective of the game will be too get too the treasure room and escape the temple first. however, too get too the treasure room the player must be able to disarm the traps placed in specific locations. The map will be designed almost like a maze in which a player must decide which route too take to get too the treasure room. Each trap has a difficulty level from 1-3 and the player will receive a certain amount of rubies for each corresponding trap successfully disarmed. As the player navigates through the maze too the treasure room, they would have too obtained a certain amount of rubies to enter the treasure room. The group flow process seems to be a lot smoother the second time around since this is our second stint at game design. We accomplished a lot in such a short amount of time and we are very confident in our game. We assigned everybody a job for this week, and until then.

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